4 Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility

Our joints are typically the first areas of our bodies where we begin to feel our age, especially our hips. By the time we are “slightly older,” our hips have spent a lot time sitting at a desk, in a car, or on an airplane. They can become tight and the supporting muscles weakened due to the amount of sitting we have done over our lifetime. But there is good news – we can improve the mobility of our hips with some regular care and “maintenance!”   

In this video, Pam Strand, owner of Strand Fitness, demonstrates four mobility exercises for your hips:

  1. Tiger Lunge
  2. Moonflower Squat
  3. Low Lunge
  4. Seated Figure Four Stretch

Doing these exercises every day (or at least three times a week) will help keep your hips healthy and limber.

If you would like more guidance on how to keep your hips (and other joints) healthy and strong, give Pam a call (630-653-8152) or email her at pstrand@strandfitnessllc.com.

With these very simple moves – done every day as a warm up to your day or as a break from your desk during the workday – you can increase the mobility of and reduce the stiffness in your hips. Be sure to only do these exercises if your hips are healthy – if you have had a hip replacement or injury, please check with your doctor or medical professional.

These moves are just the beginning to what you can do to reverse the effects of aging! Talk to your Strand Fitness personal trainer to learn more. Or, contact Pam (pstrand@strandfitnessllc.com or 630.653.8152) to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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Please note: If you have any injuries, check with your medical professional before doing these stretches and exercises. Discontinue the stretch/exercise if something hurts or does not feel right.

About Pam Strand

Pam Strand is the owner of Strand Fitness, a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, & Chicago Western Suburbs. To learn more about how Strand Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals, contact Pam (630 653 8152) and schedule your free fitness consultation. You can also learn more about our fitness solutions here: http://strandfitnessllc.com/fitness-solutions/

2 Responses to “4 Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility”

  1. Lynne Gunn April 1, 2017 10:23 am #

    These look VERY familiar to me… almost like a deja vu !!!!! (from yesterday!!) I’m a guinae pig.

    • Pam Strand
      Pam Strand April 3, 2017 9:47 am #

      Technically not a guinae pig – just an early adopter of our techniques. Hope you like how they felt and how they helped your hips!

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