10 things to make you stronger

This is my checklist for making sure I am doing the things I need to do to get and keep my body strong and healthy.

#1: Have a vision

Yep!  Pulling one from the business manuals!  If you are heading into a strength building endeavor, have a vision for what you want to accomplish and how you see “being stronger” impacting your life for the better.  And “why” is being stronger important to you and your life?  Get in there – dig deep!  Know what you are after and why it is so important to you.  

#2: Take Action

Nothing will change until you take action – consistent action over time.  Unless you have one specific event or point in time that you are training for, strength training is not a “one and done” project.  If you want to be strong for life, you practice for life.  As you age, your strength training program will change but commit to it knowing it is a lifelong practice. 

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#3: Focus on the big moves and big muscles

Traditional exercises like squats, rows, pushups, shoulder presses, deadlifts are exercises that use a many of the large muscles in our bodies.  They also mimic the moves we do in our every day life – e.g. sit and stand, push and pull things, pick and lift things up.  These exercises might not be safe and appropriate for every body, so be sure to check with a professional who can modify or give you variations that work your body in the right way.  Proper technique is a must. 

#4: Don’t forget the small moves

By the time we are older, we have set movement patterns in our bodies.  The muscles we don’t use often tend to “go to sleep” — our brain and these muscles forget how to talk to one another.  This is where the term “muscle activation” comes from.  Muscles like our glutes (because we sit on them so much) become dysfunctional, and we don’t use them.  Our bodies then compensate for these “sleepy” muscles, setting us up for aches, pains, and stiffness down the road. 

Be sure to incorporate exercises that help key muscles (like the glutes and shoulder muscles) activate and support your movements – both in the gym and in your daily life.  Your joints will thank you!

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#5: Keep your tissues healthy 

The soft tissues that link our muscles and bones (and protect our organs) can get “stuck” as we get older.  Injuries and repetitive movement can cause scar tissue to build up.  This scar tissue can limit our movements.  Poor nutrition and a lot of stress are also culprits for tightening these tissues, causing aches, pains, and stiffness.  

Learning how to use a foam roller to promote the health of these tissues is a great idea. Stretching, massage, yoga, rest, and relaxation are also excellent strategies to keep your tissues healthy.  You want to gently work your tissues to release the built up tension,  to keep the tissues hydrated, and to promote circulation.

#6: Make your joints happy

Strength training is a wonderful way to make sure your joints stay healthy!  That is – when it is done with the right form and with consideration of how interconnected our bodies are.  Proper technique, appropriate exercise selection for your body, and the right amount of weight are strategies to keep your joints healthy when strength training.  But you also want to make sure your program design is not creating imbalances in your body (e.g. one side of the body stronger than the other, over emphasizing a limited number of muscles in your workouts).

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#7: Eat well and drink plenty of water

Healthy nutrition and staying hydrated help ensure the body has the energy and nutrients it needs to exercise and stay active.  Nutritious food also provides the nutrients the body needs to function.  A poor diet will sink even the best strength training program – your body needs the nutrients that come from whole, unprocessed foods to adapt to your strength training efforts. 

#9:  Sleep well

Getting the right amount of sleep helps promote strength and health in the body.  Sleep is also important for mental efficiency.  When are brains and bodies are well rested, we can be at our best.   

#10: Focus

The quality of our mental game is so important to the quality of our fitness efforts. Being able to focus (working intently without distraction for the time necessary and blocking out all distractions) in the gym enhances the quality and efficiency of your workouts.  

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